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The Hidden Gem of Vietnam’s Northwest

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To relax, refresh and be with nature

Welcome to Avana Retreat, a wellness sanctuary perched on the mountainside of Mai Chau.

A waterfall runs throughout the retreat, like a nature heartbeat, giving life to all things.

Go cloud hunting as the sun rises above the majestic valley

Rice Terrace, the signature of Vietnam mountain, from the Cloud Pool

Leave the worries behind and feel at peace

Another great experience staying in Avana retreat is you can enjoy the morning clouds (mist) on top of the hill inside the retreat! Especially in the winter time, the cold weather, clouds, and sunrise will make most of people think it is not the view in south east asia!" Read More

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Enjoy mountain’s finest with

25% OFF Fullboard Packages

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A Sustainable Retreat

Watch Our "Organic Life" Clip

Avana truly is a destination on its own,

capturing many of Vietnam’s best characteristics


Preserve the timeless connection to ancient customs and traditions in various cultural activities. Learn their history, try their craft, admire their artistry, find your way to honor the culture of three ethnic groups that reside in the land since the dawn of time.

...the awesome team of hotel staff who go out of their way to ensure guests are happy. They are so happy chatting with you and you learned a great deal on the history of the resort, the ethnic people and the region." Read More

Aden G



From soft cascades to alluring paddy fields, stumble upon the wonders of Mai Chau in your own style. Hop on a Jeep, venture through the forests, follow the beaten tracks and let it takes you to the pristine beauty underneath.

I highly recommend a trek from their activities offerings. We did one with Huang and it was the best!" Read More

Laura V

Cambridge, Massachusetts


Manifest inner peace and uncover your natural senses in the mountain’s hidden bliss. At a secluded sanctum, engage in healing activities and therapies to restore your well-being inside out.

Spa location is designed thoughtfully, with treatment rooms along the river enabling you to listen to the water...Morning yoga class in a hut overlooking the valley with the sunrise and mist below." Read More

Iñigo M

Madrid, Spain

Surrounded by nature’s pure bliss; Avana Retreat is a place you come to relax, to grow and to experience.

Luxury mountain retreat in Vietnam

Solace amidst the hills

Unwind in our luxurious bungalows and suites, all carefully thought through to secure the privacy and tranquility you need. Meld into nature with marks of native culture in rattan ceilings, earth walls and thatched roofs.

25% OFF Fullboard Packages

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/ Guest

Minimum 2 guests/ package




*All final prices are quoted in Vietnam Dong.

US Dollar is for reference purpose only. 


Panh Village, Bao La Commune, Mai Chau 

Hoa Binh, Vietnam


Panh Village, Bao La Commune, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

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